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Going to College Out of State

Feb. 6, 2020—I grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which is about 35 minutes outside of Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, and because of the proximity and prestige/reputation of Michigan, almost everyone from my hometown wanted to go to Michigan. I was one of very few people from my high school...

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What to do when the Homesickness Hits

Oct. 30, 2019—Is it just me, or has this semester been simultaneously flying by and crawling at the same time? It’s crazy to think that we are already at week 11. More than two thirds of the way done with first semester. I’m not usually too homesick, but around this time of the semester I always get...

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Thankful for Thanksgiving

Nov. 30, 2014—A few things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving...

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My First American Thanksgiving

Dec. 8, 2013—I’ve had the privilege of experiencing quite a large number of American things over the past year and four months. One notable thing I didn’t get the chance to do last year, however, was celebrate an authentic American Thanksgiving. I had spent Thanksgiving break with a friend from back home, and the true spirit of...

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I miss the rains down in Africa

Jan. 7, 2013—A few notes about my Christmas break in Zimbabwe

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