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After Midterms, A Relaxing Break

Oct. 19, 2014—Fall break couldn’t have come any sooner. After about ten days of study study test study cram test paper study test (a.k.a. midterm week), I packed a few clothes in a duffel and drove three hours east to Ocoee, TN with friends. We spent Wednesday night in a pastoral setting, and then found a camping...

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After WilSkills

Aug. 27, 2014—The outdoor recreation experience at Vanderbilt goes beyond WilSkills. Read more for a list of all the cheap/free ways to get involved and get outside!

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Staycation, all I’ve ever wanted.

Oct. 13, 2013—All I've ever needed...

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An Afternoon Hike

Sep. 28, 2013—Vandy has been covered in parents this weekend because it's Parents Weekend! This is the first Parent's Weekend that my parents haven't come, so instead I get to be adopted by my friends' parents and meet their families. Saturday afternoon, I went on a hike with my roommate Jodi, her mother, and one of our suitemates, Kelsey.

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A Suite Sweaty Saturday

Aug. 25, 2013—While I will admit I was longing for the higher temperatures of the south while in Chicago, that desire is long gone. For the first Saturday, my suite and some friends decided to go on an early morning hike to avoid the heat. Plus I got to play some ultimate frisbee for the first time in a while since we had an informal hat tournament!

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