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Housing 101

Apr. 12, 2017—With room selection in full swing for current students here at Vanderbilt, the memories of selecting roommates and preparing to live in a dorm community flooded mine and my friends’ minds. Out of our close circle of friends, six are living in a suite in Kissam, a dorm acclaimed for its fantastic food selection and...

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The Dorm Life

Aug. 27, 2013—This year, I upgraded. Just like the Tennessee Titans upgraded their offensive line (Super Bowl here we come), I got to upgrade my dorm experience. I moved from a “Harry-Potter-Under-The-Stairs” single to a big and fancy four person suite aka prime real estate. For the rest of the year, I will be living in Morgan...

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Housing Options

Mar. 1, 2013—Housing applications begin right after spring break for everyone except the incoming class. While all the first years are automatically assigned to a house on Commons, everyone else gets the choice of where they want to live. Here are all of the options!

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Goodbye Currey, Hello Chaffin

Jul. 23, 2012—You might remember this post on living in Kissam Quad. Well, Kissam Quad now looks a little like this so unless you are reading this post a year or so into the future, you can see why I will no longer be living there. However, this is nothing to mourn over because while I will...

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