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Goodbye Currey, Hello Chaffin

Posted by on Monday, July 23, 2012 in General Information, Housing, Nashville, Student Life.

You might remember this post on living in Kissam Quad. Well, Kissam Quad now looks a little like this so unless you are reading this post a year or so into the future, you can see why I will no longer be living there. However, this is nothing to mourn over because while I will miss my beloved Currey, I am oh-so excited to tell you about my future life on Highland Quad in a Chaffin!

Goodbye Kissam Quad, you were a lovely home.

One of the delights of Vanderbilt is getting to live in a different place each year if you want to. From Commons to Currey, I now find myself preparing for life in a Chaffin (it’s all about the Cs it seems). Highland Quadrangle is the name of the area of housing that includes Mayfields, Morgan and Lewis, the newly developed Blakemore House, and of course, the Chaffins. Most of the housing there is conveniently located right across from the Rec, which hopefully means lots of athletic-ness in my future (I make no guarantees). It’s a longer commute to my classes on main campus, but thankfully I am practically a professional speed walker and I also might get a bike.

Plus, I’ll be living with 3 friends in a 2-story apartment-style building! Chaffins have their own living room/dining room area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two doubles. I’m super excited–plus, lots of my friends will be living on Highland next year so it won’t be a long trek to visit.

Just a couple of weeks until move in!

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