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Spotlight on Cultural Showcases

Feb. 16, 2019—As a former dancer, one of my favorite aspects of Vanderbilt is the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cultural dance showcases. There are four annual performances: Harambee is the African cultural showcase (happening today!) presented by the African Student Union. Diwali is a cultural showcase celebrating South Asian traditions presented by the...

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Feb. 9, 2019—Before coming to Vanderbilt. I wasn’t much of a dancer but upon arriving to campus I tasked myself to step out of my comfort zone by joining Nilaja Amari, Vanderbilt’s African dance troupe. Nilaja is a very welcoming space and I’ve had lots of fun dancing with all its incredible members. We dance mostly to...

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Diwali, Harambee, ANYF, and Café con Leche

May. 6, 2016—I went to the four biggest cultural celebrations on campus this year, and here's what I thought of them!

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