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‘flag football’

How to Get Exercise Without Setting Foot in the Gym

Oct. 28, 2014—Don’t get me wrong: the Student Rec Center here at Vanderbilt is great. With the swipe of your Commodore Card, you get free access to an indoor track, a basketball court, more treadmills and weight machines than I can count, and even a couple of rooms for racquetball that I’m dying to try out. And...

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Man-I’ve-Been-Bad-at-Pacing-These-This-Semester Monday, Part 1

Dec. 9, 2013—Sorry for the sudden overload of my sunshine-y voice on the blog, but I just want to get a few more in before the semester ends! Here are some of my thoughts on why Vanderbilt’s first-year Commons experience is so significant and wonderful.

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Flag Football Championships

Nov. 14, 2012—My roommate, Sophie, played flag football in high school and this year decided to make an intramural flag football team. She needed extra girls, so I volunteered to join and it has been so much fun!

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Sep. 20, 2012—As the intramural season approaches, I prepare for my breakout season in which I become a professional athlete

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