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My Writing Experiences at Vanderbilt (Part I)

Jan. 21, 2020—Happy Spring 2020! I hope everyone had a lovely winter break. During the break, I met with my family members, friends, and teachers, including my favorite middle school teacher who asked me about college writing. Her question and our following conversation resonated with a blog idea I had in Fall 2019: writing at Vanderbilt based...

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Out of the Vanderbubble: Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Mar. 6, 2016—A quiet, pensive afternoon spent at Cheekwood Gardens with family. Definitely on my Nashville bucket-list for prospective students and their families, especially if you're visiting in the fall, summer, or spring!

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Vandy’s Golden Ticket: New Friends in New Locales

Oct. 4, 2015—New friends, new cultures, and a magical portal to Mexico City? Just another incredible day at Vandy.

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