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Food? Food!

May. 19, 2019—Everybody here likes food, right? That’s what I thought.  Lucky for you, Vanderbilt has some fantastic dining options, ranging from classic burgers and chicken tendies to Vietnamese phở and protein health bowls. The range of options is only superseded by their deliciousness. But I don’t want to tease you; Here is a small selection of...

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Surviving Rand at Noon

Jan. 23, 2019—It’s Monday afternoon, it’s 12:10 PM and your second class of the day just ended, and like any other college student- you’re starving. So, what do you do? You head to Rand with the hundreds of other students that just got out of class; ready to grab some food and hang out with your friends....

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TWO new dining options coming this fall!

Aug. 9, 2013—Two new dining options are coming to a campus near you!

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