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‘dorm decorations’

The Ultimate List of Move-In Life Hacks for Future First-Years

Aug. 13, 2019—Only a couple more days ’til First Year Move-In!!! I hope all of you are as excited as I am :) As I’m starting to gather all of my stuff in preparation for my own move-in, the stress and pressure that I felt in the week leading up to that first day as a Commons...

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How to Make an Extra Small Dorm Room Extra Comfortable

Feb. 15, 2019—My roommate and I were at Lollapalooza, an annual music festival in Chicago, when we found out where exactly we’d be housed our first year at Vanderbilt. The envelope was a thick one, and the contents inside were mostly irrelevant. Only one thing in it mattered at the time — and that was the piece...

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How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Dec. 9, 2018—Dorm room shopping is one of the most memorable and exciting parts of starting your college journey; everyone remembers their first dorm room and all the fun they had shopping for just the right things to put in it.  Having the opportunity to decorate a space that is (almost) all your own is a big...

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Michaels, Meghan, and Mediterranean Meanderings

Jul. 21, 2015—AKA my summer in a nutshell

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