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Michaels, Meghan, and Mediterranean Meanderings

Posted by on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 in Family, Summer.


I’m back to blogging to update you on what my life has been like this summer home in Bethlehem, PA.  Between working at a children’s clothing store, tutoring, and babysitting (can you tell I’m an education major), I squeezed in some time for fun.

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster and I can’t believe my sophomore year is just a month away. Luckily, I’ve been preparing with the help of Michaels! What better way to plan ahead than to get all my dorm decorations ready for next year? Canvases, paint, and mason jars cover every inch of my desk at home and I don’t think all the glitter will ever be completely gone from the kitchen table. What can I say, the crafting bug is contagious!

Crafting has also been an exciting way to bond with my not so little sister Meghan (she’s at least two inches taller ugh). This summer had a rough start for both of us with my grandmother passing away. Grammy had lived with my family since I was six years old, so in a lot of ways it feels as if my house has flipped upside down. Meg and I still miss her terribly and are getting used to a new normal; I’m grateful to be around her all the time again. Meghan will be a senior this fall so we are trying to cram in as many adventures as we can before  she stars focusing on college applications!

It took 20 minutes to properly set up and shoot this photo of Meghan. Worth it? Yes.

I did take a nice break away from PA! My mother, sister, and I had an opportunity to go to Italy and Greece through an educational trip at my sister’s high school. This past year I had taken both a Roman Civilizations course and a class that focused on Hellenistic architecture. Physically seeing all the ruins, monuments, and places I wrote papers on and studied was mind blowing. My entire final term paper for one class was about Syntagma Square station in Athens (a subway station/museum combo which perfectly demonstrates the necessary compromise between old and new in historic cities). To be on a bus riding through the Square and knowing what was underneath and the story behind it reminded me of why I love learning history.

The final “M” of my summer, however, is MISSING VANDY. I can’t wait to get back to my cozy Nashville cafes, the comforting incense smell of my church, the sound of my friends’ voices, and my beautiful school.

Much love,


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