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‘cultural dance’

LNYF 2020 Reflections~

Feb. 23, 2020—I wrote a post about cultural showcases last year, but this time I’m going to focus on the Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF), a huge cultural showcase put on by the Asian American Student Association (AASA), which happened just yesterday! It’s hands down my favorite Vandy activity because students from various backgrounds, come together to learn...

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Spotlight on Cultural Showcases

Feb. 16, 2019—As a former dancer, one of my favorite aspects of Vanderbilt is the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cultural dance showcases. There are four annual performances: Harambee is the African cultural showcase (happening today!) presented by the African Student Union. Diwali is a cultural showcase celebrating South Asian traditions presented by the...

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Dancing Through Life

Oct. 19, 2017—Coming into sophomore year, my main goal for the semester was to find a better balance between school, social activities, and exercise. Vanderbilt is ranked as the university with the #1 Happiest Students, which theoretically means that everyone is well-adjusted and living a balanced life. While Vandy is definitely an amazing place, a lot of students...

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Diwali 2014: She’s The Man!

Nov. 16, 2014—Experience Diwali: the biggest multicultural performance at Vanderbilt!

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