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Is Vanderbilt the Right Fit?

Jan. 6, 2019—I applied to Vanderbilt as a transfer student because “Why not?”, in addition to seven other universities that had similar characteristics. To be completely honest, it was not somewhere I could see myself attending because it was so far away from home. However, committing to Vanderbilt turned out to be one of the best decisions...

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My MOSAIC Weekends

Mar. 9, 2018—I cannot believe that it is March again, which means that MOSAIC weekend is right around the corner! MOSAIC is a multicultural student recruitment program which invites about 200 admitted students from various minority backgrounds and rural areas to visit campus during one weekend in March. This weekend definitely had an immense impact on my...

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The Myth of Love at First College Tour: A Highly Indecisive Student’s Guide to Choosing Vandy

Apr. 11, 2015—And finally, one last truth: choosing to come to Vanderbilt was the best decision I have made in my entire life, and I cannot imagine being happier anywhere else.

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Why I Chose Vanderbilt

Apr. 29, 2013—As the May 1st deadline nears I can recall my college decision process. It was two years ago almost to the very day that I committed to coming to Vanderbilt (me being very indecisive waited until the last minute). I had visited the summer of my sophomore year, but ended up coming back one of the last weekends in April for a visit and knew it was home. But why?

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