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Why I Chose Vanderbilt

Posted by on Monday, April 29, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Student Life.

As the May 1st deadline nears I can recall my college decision process. It was two years ago almost to the very day that I committed to coming to Vanderbilt (me being very indecisive waited until the last minute). I had visited the summer of my sophomore year, but ended up coming back one of the last weekends in April for a visit and knew it was home. But why?

  • Academics: First and foremost, Vanderbilt students realize they are here to learn and are very passionate about their schoolwork (except maybe not at 2 am before a big final). The academics here are incredible, and the students very much want to see each other succeed. As a biomedical engineer, the fact that the medical center was on campus was a huge plus since that meant there could more opportunities for research and collaboration.
  • Students: I wanted to surround myself with people that would not only challenge me academically, but also people from all over the country with a diverse range of interests. I love talking to my friends about their experiences back home; often times I find out really cool things that they’ve done. For example, I learned just a couple weeks ago that a girl on the frisbee team started a non-profit in high school! Seriously, my friends never cease to amaze me. Being surrounded by so many driven and successful people can be intimidating at times, but it’s also a very unique experience only offered in college.
  • Balance: One of the things I noticed to particular Vanderbilt students was that while they were academically motivated, they were also very social and outgoing. Everyone has their clubs that they’re involved in and passionate about. While it can take a while to figure out, there is a “balance” between academics and social life so that you don’t study all the time.

I could not be happier with my decision to attend Vanderbilt, as it has been an incredible 2 years.

High school Julianne on Vandy's campus during that visit!

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