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‘class of 2020’

VUcept: Round 3

Sep. 16, 2016—Third time's a charm :)

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Standing on the Cumberland Bridge (Status of College: 25% Completed!)

May. 11, 2016—The last night before I left, Carolyn and I took a bus into Nashville and walked along the pedestrian bridge (it’s beautiful!) Standing on the bridge, overlooking the Cumberland, we couldn’t believe how far we had come. As we looked at the lights' reflection on the river water, only one question ran through our minds: How did this happen?

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Major Keys to Success: The Class of 2020 Edition

Apr. 6, 2016—The academic year is almost over, most college decisions are in, and high school seniors are ready to embark on their college journeys. Coming to college is a major transition, whether you live a few miles or a few continents away from campus. So, taking inspiration from DJ Khaled, I decided to compile a list...

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VUcept: Round 2

Mar. 6, 2016—I <3 the Class of 2020!

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Decisions, decisions…

Dec. 14, 2015—In short, why you should be trying to join the new #vu2020 !!!

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20 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of Vandy’s Class Of 2020

Nov. 29, 2015—Are you ready to be a Commodore?

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