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Exploring the Outdoors in Nashville

Jan. 12, 2020—What if I told you that Vanderbilt is actually a great school for people who love the outdoors? When I told my roommate that, he shot back, “The only outdoorsmen here are the people who live in Blakemore and schedule their first class on Commons just so they can have a daily morning hike.” It’s...

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Chattanooga Choo Choo

Apr. 18, 2016—Other cities in Tennessee are pretty cool too!

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Cheers from Chattanooga

Apr. 11, 2014—My friend A., who lives in Atlanta, didn't want to drive four hours to Nashville and I didn't want to bus it four hours to Atlanta, so we chose a halfway point: ChatChat, as I fondly call it.

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Storytime Snippets

Mar. 31, 2014—Hello friends! Time to draft a list of everything blog-worthy that has happened in, oh say, the past two months that I haven't yet told you about. Okay Ann. Goal-setting time. I'm going to tackle each one of these subjects, including events like Unveiling the Hijab, BCM Spring SPOTS, a trip to Chattanooga, and perhaps twelve other things, and write about them. Just one a week. Doable.

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