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‘bible study’

University Catholic: Prayer Group (Bible Study) Edition!

Nov. 21, 2016—Why a bible study, though? Especially to freshman me, who had been to youth group exactly once and never really read the bible, “bible study” sounded scary. Like we were translating Greek or something. Seriously, scary stuff. For some reason, the two words also sounded like a huge commitment. Maybe it was the student part of me reacting at the word “study,” but I really didn’t like the sound of that word. Enter “prayer group.” (Shoutout to Phi Lamb :) thanks, y’all :)).

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Just do… everything! Status of Everything: Almost 37.5% Completed!

Nov. 20, 2016—The crazy life of college is on hold for these moments. It’s so nice to just sit back and relax. But Sophie, you may be wondering, what do you even do at Vanderbilt? Why is your life so crazy? Well, I’m a fan of lists. So let’s break it down.

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Standing on the Cumberland Bridge (Status of College: 25% Completed!)

May. 11, 2016—The last night before I left, Carolyn and I took a bus into Nashville and walked along the pedestrian bridge (it’s beautiful!) Standing on the bridge, overlooking the Cumberland, we couldn’t believe how far we had come. As we looked at the lights' reflection on the river water, only one question ran through our minds: How did this happen?

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Sigma Phi Lambda!

Dec. 1, 2013—So I found this outdated post today, and realized that I never shared it with everyone! Since the information is particularly relevant as students will think about rushing next semester, I wanted to share it regardless! Hope you enjoy my ramblings about joining a Christian sorority!

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1 a.m. Thoughts from Sleepy Summer Sam

May. 29, 2013—I am awake into the wee hours of the night yet again. Except, this time, there is no geology lab due tomorrow or massive marketing presentation to fret about. I'm just...thinking. Weird stuff. College will do that to you, you know, make you think about and appreciate the blessings you have that you simply overlooked before.

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