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Sigma Phi Lambda!

Posted by on Sunday, December 1, 2013 in College Life, Freshman Life, General Information, Greek Life, Student Life.

This is St. Augustine's--the chapel where we have chapter every week.

So I found this outdated post today, and realized that I never shared it with everyone!  Since the information is particularly relevant as students will think about rushing next semester, I wanted to share it regardless!  Hope you enjoy…

This past week I have been getting progressively more involved with the Sigma Phi Lambda Christian sorority.  I had never been into the whole Greek-life scene, but after talking to several of my friends in this non-Panhellenic sorority, I decided to give it a try.  I went out to rush week when they had several different events.  Since I’m SUPER-busy, I was only able to attend two: open chapter, and pizza night.

I knew that I wanted to join the sorority the minute we started worship. I had had a terrible day and the few minutes of discussion about the organization stressed me out more because they were telling us all of the requirements. I felt overwhelmed, and was starting to think back on my decision to join.  But then we started worshiping together.  We sang beautiful songs and as their voices lifted up in Saint Augustine’s, I felt unbelievably encouraged.  No matter what was going on, God was on my side.  He had brought me there to that group of girls and they were going to provide an encouragement.  So I had no reservations signing up to be a pledge during my introduction with the officers on Friday!  One of the great things about Phi Lamb is that they do not reject anyone; if you want to join the sisterhood, they will accept you.

Here we are--the new pledges! :)

Soon after I pledged, I realized just how loving they all were.  I was flooded with friend requests on Facebook, and everywhere I walked on campus someone was saying “hi” to me.  It was wonderful to feel connected with an enormous group of like-minded girls, and I am so excited to get to know them better!

In terms of requirements, it is going to be a stretch because you need to:

  • Go the weekly chapters (which are mostly Bible studies)
  • Attend weekly pledge meetings where you learn about the history of the sorority
  • Be actively seeking or attending a church family in Nashville
  • Go to prayer group once a week
  • Be involved in a Bible study
  • Participate in service events with the group (and outside of the group)
  • Attend group social events
I saw this picture, thought it was gorgeous and couldn't help but include it in my blog post :) Yay Nashville!

I am going to be busy with these added events, but I think they will be worth it!  I cannot wait to get my big sister in the sorority and begin getting more involved day by day.  Phi Lamb does bigs/littles differently than most sororities.  They start by having “dates” with the other sisters, getting coffee, breakfast, or just hanging out.  Then, we all mingle at the Big/Little Mixer and at the end of that night, each pledge and active member ranks the girls in the order of which they would like to have in their family.  The officers then mix and match according to requests, and then they are revealed!  It is a wonderful way to develop a deeper partnership within the group.

…Until next time! :)

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