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‘Belcourt Theater’


Apr. 7, 2017—My favorite films are the types that make me think about life, that stir an excitement or yearning within me, that allow me to experience life in a way I have not personally been able to live out or hear about. Recently, I had the opportunity to watch two movies through Vanderbilt. The Women’s Center...

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Free Stuffff!!

Oct. 21, 2015—It’s easy to forget to be thankful for what you have when you’re busy 24/7, so while complaining about all the precious sleep that I haven’t been getting, I decided to take a minute to appreciate what I have.

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Boondock Saints

Mar. 31, 2013—Last month I bought tickets to go see the movie The Boondock Saints this Friday at the Belcourt Theatre with the cast in attendance!! It turned out to be a great start to my weekend...

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The Best Things About Vandy

Sep. 13, 2012—After my first summer away from Vandy, I couldn't wait to get back by the time August rolled around. I spent the summer doing research in a lab at home, which was an incredible experience, but Western blots just don't compare to Nashvegas. So for my first ever blog, I thought I'd write about all of the wonderful things that I missed and love about Vanderbilt.

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Its Always Fair Weather (at Vandy)!

Sep. 9, 2012—It rains one minute, shines the's how to deal with it.

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Movies fo’ Free: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Oct. 10, 2011—In celebration of the beginning of Fall Break, a group of my friends and I decided to attend a free movie screening at the Belcourt theater.

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