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Boondock Saints

Posted by on Sunday, March 31, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Movies, Nashville, Student Life.

This is the movie poster

On Friday night I got to give my boyfriend the best present ever–and it was a lot of fun for me, too.  I had bought us tickets to see the movie The Boondock Saints–a cult classic from the 90s that raises questions about when people have a God-given right to kill those who cause harm to others.  It is a highly interesting film, albeit a bit vulgar (it is rated R).  The show was being put on at the Belcourt Theatre with the three main actors in attendance!!  The Belcourt Theatre is conveniently located in Hillsboro Village, just a few minutes’ walk from the Commons campus.  It plays a lot of indie films, in addition to promoting special events involving older classic films.  Vanderbilt even has a special Flicx program that they do with the Belcourt, allowing students to attend many of their films for free.  Here‘s my roommate’s blog post about one of the Flicx films we attended earlier this year.

Anyway, we got to the Belcourt at 11pm to find a line stretching out the door.  It was fantastic!  As we waited for Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and David Della Rocco to appear, the crowd bustled around restlessly, talking excitedly to one another and the emcees.  We were all thoroughly excited for what was about to take place.  When the stars got there, the crowd exploded into applause!  We got to have a few minutes of Q&A with them, and a plethora of questions were posed.  People were asking to buy the actors’ drinks, get hugs from them, and even about their favorite parts of the movie and other enjoyable roles. ;) I was really proud of Kase when he told them how their work in the movie we were about to see helped inspire him to become a Marine.  The entire night was just a raucous burst of energy, and when they left and the movie started, that did not stop.

I love being in Nashville because you get so many cool opportunities to meet awesome people and be a part of great events.  Vanderbilt helps make that accessible to all of us, for which I am thoroughly grateful.

…Until next time! :)

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