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‘Bamboo Bistro’

My Love Affair with Peabody Library

Dec. 9, 2015—Central Library may have captured the heart of Taylor Swift, but Peabody Library has the love of a way more relatable person: Carly Meyers. I am right here, and I am here for you Peabody. Much love.

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Nov. 9, 2014—I present to you the alphabet of vegetarian campus dining! After having been around the block a few times (ie. West End, 21st, Hillsboro Village) and all over campus, I’ve compiled this list of my favorite dishes at various locations. Everything can be bought on the meal plan as a meal swipe or with Meal...

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Pho, Anyone?

Oct. 24, 2013—My opinion on the current star of Vanderbilt Dining options.

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TWO new dining options coming this fall!

Aug. 9, 2013—Two new dining options are coming to a campus near you!

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