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What is a Wilskill?

Dec. 4, 2015—What does somebody mean on campus when they say they are in Wilskills? Hint: it means they love to play outside...

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Stone Arches and Dripping Icicles: Backpacking Adventures

Feb. 12, 2015—This past weekend, I channeled my inner nature-child, joining WilSkills for a backpacking trip. We went to the Big South Fork Recreation Area in Oneida, Tennessee, where we hiked past waterfalls, precariously melting icicles, rock shelters, and stone arches sculpted by thousands of years of erosion.

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After WilSkills

Aug. 27, 2014—The outdoor recreation experience at Vanderbilt goes beyond WilSkills. Read more for a list of all the cheap/free ways to get involved and get outside!

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A WilSkills-Wonderful Weekend

Feb. 10, 2014—This weekend, I had yet another WilSkills adventure. In a group of eleven, I backpacked the Spence-Russell Loop and part of the AT to Mollie's Field Shelter, a fifteen-mile round-trip. We hiked through rushing mountain streams, through frozen snow and through low clouds. We gave each other nicknames and threw snowballs.

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Wilderness Skills 101: Backpacking

Feb. 2, 2014—This past weekend I joined nine other Vanderbilt students for a romp in the North Carolina woods. In short, we drove to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, hiked Saturday and Sunday morning, and then returned in time for the Super Bowl/homework.

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