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Why I Chose Vandy

Dec. 12, 2020—I never thought that a top 15 school was going to want me to attend as much as I wanted to attend it. But then I visited Vanderbilt. Walking through Vanderbilt’s campus for the first time the summer before my senior year of high school was overwhelming. It was easy to believe that the place...

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Green (and Orange) Walks

Dec. 2, 2018—Walking across campus is electric; people are in constant motion going to one activity or another, the buildings all hum with academic energy, and the sun radiates down on the whole scene. The constantly available stimulus of people and papers is enough to capture anyone’s attention for a lifetime. The last thing on anyone’s mind...

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Spring Time = Squirrel Time

Apr. 17, 2017—How the heck is spring semester already almost over?   I knew when I first visited Vandy’s campus that it was one of the most beautiful college campuses I had ever seen, but I underestimated just how lovely it would be in the springtime. Although we lost our arboretum status because of the loss of...

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Sunny Days

Apr. 30, 2013—Well, I am officially home in Chicago and missing Nashville.

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