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Sunny Days

Posted by on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 in College Life, General Information, Nashville.

Well, I am officially home in Chicago and missing Nashville. Probably the biggest noticeable difference is the drastic temperature change between Nashville and Chicago the minute I step off the plane.

This might sound weird or like an exaggeration, but the warm weather of the south is one of my favorite things about Nashville. After living in the south for two years, I never want to live through another frigid winter in the north again. It’s funny because my roommate is from Miami, so she found the winter weather at Vandy to be freezing. It blows my mind that she had never needed a winter coat before. In the spring and fall though, there are so many days with absolutely beautiful weather, and with Vanderbilt being an arboretum, it becomes all the more lovely. Last March was the first time I actually experienced the season of spring-it was wonderful! Even while winter can be cold in Nashville, it never gets as low as it does in Chicago.

I’d say the weather is much more of a factor on my mood in college because I’m outside all the time since I have to walk everywhere. Also, with joining the frisbee team, it’s much more fun to play in warm weather. There were so many days this spring where the weather was perfect and I just wanted to throw a frisbee around-perfect for the afternoon study break! It’s also so much more fun playing intramural frisbee with the sun shining down. Another one of my favorite things to do on nice days is go running. I like exploring new parts of Nashville (not that I ever get THAT far) and sometimes I’ll run at Centennial Park. I also like to study outside, if I can actually get work done and not be distracted by the sun. All in all, I’m certainly going to miss the weather of Nashville this May.

Part of our intramural ultimate/flag football team! We even made matching shirts!

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