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The Dreaded Question

Dec. 6, 2015—Why Vanderbilt is a great place for people who actually have no idea what they want to do with their lives.

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The Myth of Love at First College Tour: A Highly Indecisive Student’s Guide to Choosing Vandy

Apr. 11, 2015—And finally, one last truth: choosing to come to Vanderbilt was the best decision I have made in my entire life, and I cannot imagine being happier anywhere else.

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Sami Reads the Viewbook

Dec. 12, 2014—Now that I’ve been home for almost a week with no schoolwork (wait, what?), and have been trapped inside by a lovely and uncharacteristic California rainstorm, I’ve starting coming up with some pretty nerdy ways to entertain myself. And I missed my Vanderbilt so much that I decided to dig up the viewbook they sent...

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Why You Should Add Vanderbilt to Your College List

Nov. 9, 2014—If you’re currently a high school senior, and you’re anything like me, the list of colleges you’re applying to is still in flux, and probably will be up until the very last day before apps are due. You’ve probably been looking forward to going to college for some time now, and it’s crazy to imagine...

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You hit submit!

Jan. 16, 2014—I was made aware of something both exciting and infuriating the other day—apparently the Common App deadline was extended! Can you believe it? Back in my day, kids (well, senior year super-procrastinator Priyanka) had to slave through the holidays on those applications, and here I am now finding out that you guys had until JANUARY...

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