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You hit submit!

Posted by on Thursday, January 16, 2014 in Academics, Admissions.

I was made aware of something both exciting and infuriating the other day—apparently the Common App deadline was extended! Can you believe it? Back in my day, kids (well, senior year super-procrastinator Priyanka) had to slave through the holidays on those applications, and here I am now finding out that you guys had until JANUARY 15TH?! If I wasn’t so excited about you guys wanting to come here next year, I’d be more than a little resentful.

Whether it was at 11:59 on January 15th or on the very first day the Common App was released, a good 30,000 or so of you recently hit submit on your application to Vanderbilt —welcome to the club!

I know that that’s not exactly the most reassuring thought in the whole world – I was a senior once too – but look at these credentials! Some of the greatest students in the country are in there! I’m in there! Note: that was me taking a moment to excuse myself from the first category (due in part to Calculus 150A…even master bloggers can get stumped by derivatives). Nonetheless, I can definitely say it’s a good club to be in, no matter what the outcome is come March.

Picture obtained from Vanderbilt's Flickr. School spirit courtesy of the greatest place on earth.

Come to think of it, some of you already know what that outcome is! Congratulations to all the new members of Vandy’s Class of 2018. I can’t even believe that exists already…leave it to Admissions to make me feel old as a second semester sophomore. But you did it, and that’s the point here – you hit submit! So sit back and breathe a little (and maybe set your computer background to that lovely shot of your dream school), the hard part’s over!

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