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The Wond’ry: Another Exciting Study Spot

Posted by on Saturday, March 23, 2019 in Academics, Campus resources, College of Arts and Science, Exams, Finals, Finals, General Information, Studying, Studying.

An outside view of The Wond’ry, located adjacent to the Engineering and Science Building.

Over spring break, I decided to spend the rest of second semester scouting out possible study spots on campus. I took on this project both to alleviate the sense of utter boredom that now associated itself with studying as well as to gift sophomore-year me with a set of new locations to carry out that which being pre-med demands.

Initially, I encountered absolutely zero luck. I’d asked my friends for their favorite study spots and to my dismay, most people followed an identical study routine when it came to settings. The classic freshman trio was the go-to for the majority: Peabody, Commons, and Central. A select few, the adventurous ones, regularly studied at Eskind, Kissam, and MRB. These latter three are incredible places, but being someone who enjoys switching between new locations, they were a bit underwhelming. I felt like I’d exhausted my options — as a freshman.

That’s when I came across the Wond’ry, a unique and collaborative possible study spot that’s situated right next to Olin Hall, a few minutes behind Eskind. The Wond’ry is made up of three floors, each floor consisting of a plethora of variant study areas. There are booths, rooms, circular as well as rectangular tables, etc… Though, the one factor that distinguishes this place is its ample natural lighting. Every floor floods with sunlight, the reason being the many windows nicely located next to most booths and tables.

This picture displays a tiny part of the uniqueness The Wond’ry has to offer.

I strongly recommend the Wond’ry to those looking for a new study spot, or just want a place outside of campus to relax. The ambiance is energetic yet quiet, and is primarily occupied by CS and Engineering students that are usually working on unconventional projects of their own. Furthermore, the decor reflects the building’s engineering inspiration and is composed of several, neatly-designed art exhibits that offer a glimpse into the innovative, integrative approach taken in the building’s construction.

All in all, a 10/10 location, one that’ll keep the boredom at bay for a while.


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