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‘Study Locations’

The Wond’ry: Another Exciting Study Spot

Mar. 23, 2019—Over spring break, I decided to spend the rest of second semester scouting out possible study spots on campus. I took on this project both to alleviate the sense of utter boredom that now associated itself with studying as well as to gift sophomore-year me with a set of new locations to carry out that...

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Checking Boxes

Dec. 16, 2012—As you may or may not have heard, Vanderbilt is in finals mode, the campus a seething mass of caffeinated 20-somethings attempting to re-learn (or simply learn) content from wildly disparate courses. As this drama unfolds around me, threatening to engulf countless students, I will be acting as Inside ‘Dores’ Jim Cantore, reporting live from...

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