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My Plans for the Summer

Apr. 28, 2019—Now that the year is winding down, and finals season is coming to a slow end, I’ve pretty much figured out my plans for the summer. Unfortunately, they’re not very exciting, nor are they terribly unique. But, here they are:   1. Taking Organic Chemistry at a local university. Rather than taking Gen Chem with...

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The Wond’ry: Another Exciting Study Spot

Mar. 23, 2019—Over spring break, I decided to spend the rest of second semester scouting out possible study spots on campus. I took on this project both to alleviate the sense of utter boredom that now associated itself with studying as well as to gift sophomore-year me with a set of new locations to carry out that...

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What I Learned by Almost Sleeping Through a Midterm

Feb. 17, 2019—I woke up at 9:39 AM to the sound of pounding on my door. Class had started at 9:35 and it was the day of our first Country Music midterm. The next six minutes were a blur. In that time, I managed to put on a hoodie, grab my backpack, rush down a few flights...

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How to Make an Extra Small Dorm Room Extra Comfortable

Feb. 15, 2019—My roommate and I were at Lollapalooza, an annual music festival in Chicago, when we found out where exactly we’d be housed our first year at Vanderbilt. The envelope was a thick one, and the contents inside were mostly irrelevant. Only one thing in it mattered at the time — and that was the piece...

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Thoughts on First Semester (And What Changed)

Feb. 2, 2019—I didn’t think a lot would change in terms of my academic aspirations during my first semester of college. I was a stubborn incoming freshman. In retrospect, that was a dumb mindset. Because a lot did change. I had walked into Vanderbilt as a pre-med student planning to major in anthropology, a subject I’d known...

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Reflections on My First College Exam

Jan. 17, 2019—The college application process is stressful (that’s pretty much an accepted fact). The one aspect of college admissions that stressed me out especially was testing. In the months that I carefully and meticulously planned out my application, wrote out essays, sought out recommenders, and met with high school advisors, the idea of having to take...

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