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EMAIL ME! (Seriously. Just do it!)

Nov. 19, 2016—I wrote this post because I would LOVE to answer your questions about life at Vanderbilt! My email is I know that it may seem scary to send an email into the abyss, but I am SO excited to answer any questions that you may have and I answer really, really quickly! So hit me up. Seriously.

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All the Science: The SyBBURE Research Program (Apply! :))

Mar. 7, 2016— In SyBBURE, you find the middle-school geek grown up who still loves chemistry. You find the triple major in math, engineering, and computer science who has awesomely dyed hair. You find the people who dedicate hours of their week to science in their labs and then combine their knowledge with others in subgroup. Deep in Stevenson, amidst the people who give their lives to science and math, surrounded by posters covered with long and intimidating words, you find the opportunity for innovation and discovery: SyBBURE.

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Something’s Changed: Coming Back to Vandy, January 2016

Mar. 7, 2016—After a changed flight number and an hour-and-a-half delay, I’m finally headed back to Vanderbilt!!! I’m so excited to go back and have a huge salad from the salad bar, or maybe a veggie burger with Tabasco, or maybe even a bowl of rice. Or actually, maybe everything. After all, I have five new flex meals… ;)

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Sophia Cecilia Druffner ’19

Oct. 12, 2015—Hi! What’s your name? I’m Sophie from Dallas, Texas, and I’m a member of Vandy’s Class of 2019! I’m now FINISHED (get it? because I’m GRADUATED) with a math major, violin performance minor, completed premed track (Y’all it’s FUN!), and a series of Honors Seminars as part of being a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar in the College...

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