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Memoirs or How I Learned to Write About Other People

Dec. 16, 2013—This semester I had the pleasure of taking an intermediate nonfiction workshop with Sandy Solomon. Centered on memoir- and profile-writing, we became acquainted with the craft of “writing about other people.” I have had my fair share of journaling enterprises, but they all came to sad untimely demises a few entries after their inception. This...

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GRE (prep) for FREE

Nov. 11, 2013—If you ask me what I'm doing after graduation, you'll probably get one of two responses: 1) "no clue" or 2) "grad school." If I respond with "grad school," you'll inevitably ask for what, and then I will inevitably respond with "no clue."

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Shopping for Internships!

Feb. 9, 2013—This past weekend my roommates and I had an internship workshop for two hours...

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