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‘West End’

New Year, New Food!

Sep. 12, 2019—As always, every year Vandy puts new restaurants “on the Card” (the Commodore Card), which always makes returning to school a little more exciting. However, over the summer and over my first few weeks back on campus, I have discovered some new, amazing restaurants both on and off “the Card!” Here are a few of...

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A Lecture at the Parthenon

Oct. 30, 2013—I recently attended a lecture at the Nashville Parthenon and it has reminded me just how lucky I am to live in a city so dedicated to celebrating history and art. How many people can study for their Greek art history exam by walking in the park?!

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Registering From Abroad, Part 1: Housing

Apr. 24, 2013—When planning to go abroad for this semester, I was worried about lots of things.  What do I pack?  What will the other students be like?  WIll I actually have free time to travel around Europe?  How hard will my classes be?  Am I going to catch my flights?  But I can’t say that I...

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Café con Leche

Mar. 24, 2013—Last night I saw students from all over campus dance in Café con Leche, a performance presented by the Vanderbilt Association of Hispanic Students.

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Nashville is Growing!

Nov. 20, 2012—This year, I live in the Carmichael Towers right on West End allll the way up on the top floor.  The 14th floor (or the “Penthouse” as my friends and I jokingly refer to it) has given me a great view of the city of Nashville this year, and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed...

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