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All About Frisbee

Oct. 20, 2013—I realized while I tend to blog a lot about my life on the frisbee field, everyone might not understand the rules and thus appreciate how AWESOME ultimate frisbee truly is. The rules took me a while to understand (and they are constantly changing, which isn't exactly helpful) but once you get it, the sport becomes so much more fun. So here's an elementary explanation of the most important rules. Let's start with the basics.

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Apr. 21, 2013—Last weekend I finally got to play some ultimate frisbee again since it was Sectionals!

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Missouri Loves Company

Nov. 23, 2012—The weekend before break I made the 7.5 hour drive to Columbia, Missouri for an ultimate frisbee tournament. The tournament was even more fun because both the men's and the women's teams went to compete.

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