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There’s Always Next Year

Nov. 22, 2014—As a Titans fan, this seems to be our motto that we have adopted. I guess it’s not as bad as being a Jags fan but its just as bad. The other day, the Titans played the Pittsburg Steelers where we gave up a substantial lead and almost surely knocked ourselves out of any chance...

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Riding through the Blues

Dec. 17, 2013—Its over. We're out. With the heartbreaking overtime loss against the Arizona Cardinals, the Tennessee Titans have been eliminated from playoff contention.

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Nosebleeds aren’t that bad

Oct. 1, 2013—This past Sunday, I went to the Tennessee Titans football game and I was sitting up in the section commonly referred to as the "nosebleed seats." Here is an account of my experiences sitting in the heavens.

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