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‘Things to do’

Senior Year Bucket List

Sep. 8, 2019—As senior year gets rolling, there are a number of things I want to accomplish before the end of the year. To be completely honest, some of these are borrowed from my junior year bucket list as there were a handful of activities that I didn’t end up doing (sometimes life gets in the way...

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Favorite Off Campus Study Breaks

Dec. 1, 2016—With my second fall semester winding down, I should be studying for finals, but all I can think about is Christmas Break! I’ve only been back from Thanksgiving for a week, and I’m already overwhelmed by the end of semester assignments and finals prep. Some days, the best thing for my sanity is to take...

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Thanksgiving Break (and Far Beyond)

Dec. 6, 2015—Thanksgiving break can be fun and all, but I'm making some of my favorite memories right here at Vanderbilt. Take a look at just a few!

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The Thanksgiving Scramble

Nov. 18, 2013—It is Monday.  This is my list of things to do: Time to freak out.  Not. This week, the week before Thanksgiving Break, is probably the worst week of the fall semester. It doesn’t help that there is only week after Thanksgiving before Finals start. Scary, scary times. How do you combat this feeling of...

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Swing Dancing in the Park

Aug. 28, 2011—Something is always happening in Nashville.  There are tons of free events to go to, both on and off campus.  This past Saturday, one of my friends invited (dragged) me to Centennial Park, which is right across the street from Vandy, to go swing dancing.  Centennial Park is especially famous for the Parthenon, which houses an...

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