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The Thanksgiving Scramble

Posted by on Monday, November 18, 2013 in Academics, College Life, Exams, General Information, Student Life, Studying, Thanksgiving Break.

It is Monday.  This is my list of things to do:

Doesn't this look daunting? And this doesn't even have everything on it...

Time to freak out.  Not.

This week, the week before Thanksgiving Break, is probably the worst week of the fall semester. It doesn’t help that there is only week after Thanksgiving before Finals start. Scary, scary times.

How do you combat this feeling of doom?

1. Lists. I am a lover of lists. Writing everything down will release the stress of trying to remember everything you have to do and thus make available some more space for the information you’re processing for schoolwork. Also, there are few feelings in the work that amount to the satisfaction of checking something off your list. Or violently scratching it out and obliterating it out of your mind because you finished. You’re a winner.

2. Allot your time. I am also a lover of Google Calendar. You can plan out how much time you want to spend typing out your community psychology paper, playing with Dmitri in your practice room, or researching who Jordi Savall is. Also, you can color coordinate your subjects, which is personally my favorite part of Google-Calendar-ing. If you have a short attention span like me, I found this article to be immensely helpful. Focus on one thing at once, but switch things up!

Isn't it colorful? The hardest part is not the planning... it's the doing! Whew!

3. Find your motivators. For me, sometimes studying in groups is slightly less productive, but knowing that someone else is suffering through the academic gauntlet with you is quite nice. Also, have some snacks on deck. Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Snickers, anyone? Also, I’m interested to know what your study playlist is- do you play pump-up or classical or Disney music?

4. Pray.

Well, there you have it. Now I can delete “blogging” off of my list of things to do. Onto my HOD Personal Case Paper! You will be conquered! Thanksgiving Break, come hither!

My suitemate H. took this picture of the vanquishing of the 25-lb bag of flour. It's been only 4 months. Cookies for a study break, anyone?

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