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‘The Kefi Project’

Public Art and The Kefi Project

Oct. 19, 2014—It’s time to introduce one of the standout student orgs on campus: The Kefi Project. If you’re not familiar with Kefi, we’re to blame for poetry in unexpected places, water-bottle chandeliers, and so many parasols. The Greek word kefi (κέφι) conveys a spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm and high-spirited living. I got involved in the...

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Rites of Spring + SPEAR

Apr. 14, 2014—I’d like to extol a particular student organization active on Vanderbilt’s campus, Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility––SPEAR for short. Since last semester, I have been one of those flighty, practically invisible club members who signs up for the listserv, attends two meetings total, and then goes to various and sundry events as she pleases,...

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Food for Thought- A Dinner at The Cookery

Dec. 6, 2013—An experience of eating great food with great people for an awesome cause!

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