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Soccer Senior Send-off

May. 6, 2014—As the year wound (winds? I refused to admit it's over.) down, most of the organizations I'm involved in on campus held various activities in order to "send off" the seniors. Now, part of me refused to acknowledge that this included ME (wow, gee wiz, golly wolly, etc.), but that went out the window the second I got the invite for the senior send-off for the club soccer team.

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Beating the Draw

Dec. 5, 2013—Tomorrow morning, on December 6th 2013, despite having to study for my back-to-back exams on Saturday, I will be eagerly watching a group of old Swiss men draw numbered balls out of a bowl. Its the FIFA WORLD CUP DRAW.

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Caitlyn’s Catch-Ups: Nationals

Dec. 13, 2012—We played three games total in what was a blur of a tournament. I loved spending time with my team, and we got to spend time exploring Memphis and making great memories--which is why I really love Nationals in the first place!

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