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‘teaching and learning’

Let Me Tell You About the Education Major

Oct. 11, 2015—Now that I’m in my second year at Vanderbilt, I have a pretty standard list of points to hit when people ask me why I love my school.  Campus during the fall? Check. Being surrounded by cool people? Check. Eating at Bamboo Bistro, our on-campus pho restaurant? Check. The overwhelming amount of opportunities to get...

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Teaching at Peabody

Dec. 9, 2013—I have recently realized just how little I knew about what it took to become a teacher before I came to Vanderbilt. I did not know anything about the steps that were taken, and the different nuances you could receive in your degree. I had never had anyone spell it out for me, so I wanted to give all potential future Peabody-attendees a summary of what to look forward to in the upcoming years...

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