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My Writing Experiences at Vanderbilt (Part I)

Jan. 21, 2020—Happy Spring 2020! I hope everyone had a lovely winter break. During the break, I met with my family members, friends, and teachers, including my favorite middle school teacher who asked me about college writing. Her question and our following conversation resonated with a blog idea I had in Fall 2019: writing at Vanderbilt based...

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Nov. 29, 2019—Probably one of my favorite things at Vanderbilt is that we get a week-long Thanksgiving Break! At this point in the semester, I know I’m almost on the verge of burning out and this break always comes at a much needed time to (mostly) relax for an entire week and spend time with family and...

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The Wonder of Communication

Sep. 12, 2012—Quite simply, your professors will be the way you can connect to the world. They will write your references to jobs, to internships, to anything you want to do. They will be able to recommend you to their colleagues, and they will help you however they can so long as you reach out to them. Professors LOVE students who reach out.

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A Night to Honor Israel

Apr. 14, 2011—Earlier this week I attended an event called “A Night to Honor Israel.” Truthfully, the main reason that I went was to support one of my long time friends, Carver Morgan. He is an amazing person and since I met him almost 10 years ago in the mountains of North Carolina I have always admired...

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