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Catch-Up With Victoria and Nathan: Chapter VII

Dec. 8, 2012—Loyal lovers of literature, delightful ‘Dore devotees, faithful followers of fuh-this blog, you have done well. Our whirlwind time-travel tour of this semester is progressing nicely, and we’re drawing nearer to the present with each update. For my past editions of the Catch-Up Chronicles, as well as those written by my dear friend Victoria, get...

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You always have fun on retreat…

Sep. 9, 2012—One of the best parts about starting each new semester at Vandy is that you have the possibility to go on retreat with your different student organizations. This weekend, I got to go with my Navigators’ bible study group!

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It’s Tornado Season!

Mar. 5, 2012—Okay, so I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to tornadoes…but I’m learning a lot today!

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