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Thankful for Thanksgiving

Nov. 30, 2014—A few things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving...

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The VU from the StamBalcony

Nov. 10, 2014—Hey guys! So today I want to talk to you about one of the best parts of the freshman experience at Vanderbilt…the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons! As you may already know, all first year students at Vanderbilt live in one of ten Houses on the Commons: Crawford, East, Gillette, Hank Ingram, Memorial, Murray, North, Stambaugh,...

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Admitted Admissions Advertisement

Feb. 22, 2013—Last week, Samantha and I braved a journey filled with questioning glances, outright staring, and much laughter as we traversed across campus accompanied by our fondly inanimate friends, the swivel chairs. How did such a bizarre occurrence come about?

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The Commons Experience

Feb. 20, 2013—*Guest blog by new friend and hip-hop enthusiast Tom Majerus When I first arrived at Vanderbilt, I was struck by two things: how everyone seemed nervous and how everyone seemed eager. These seem to be the best two emotions to describe the first two weeks of college. I made friends faster than I ever had in my life, and every day I had new challenges facing me. This was my favorite aspect of living on The Commons, Vanderbilt’s freshmen living community; everyone experiences the same new things together.

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