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‘sophomore year’

It’s Always Been About the People: Thoughts on the Halfway Mark

May. 31, 2021—It’s been about three weeks since I’ve wrapped up my sophomore year, which means that I’m now halfway through my time at Vanderbilt. But, and as is a common sentiment among most anyone who’s lived through the past year and a half, part of me still feels frozen in March 2020, in the remaining months...

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The Summer of Applications

Sep. 11, 2019—This summer was a learning experience for me. I decided that since I wasn’t doing an internship this summer, I felt like I needed to do one during the school year. Previously, I hadn’t decided what I could see myself doing in the future. However, after taking Professor Michael Porter’s Business of Music class, I...

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My Sophomore Housing Experience

Dec. 23, 2017—Transitioning from first-year housing at the Commons to upperclassman housing was a pretty big change. The Commons was great and all, but Highland Quad, where I live this year, has its perks too. Highland Quad consists of the twin eleven-story buildings Morgan and Lewis, Chaffin apartments, and Mayfield houses. Morgan and Lewis contain two-person and...

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The Start of Sophomore Year

Sep. 4, 2017—As the semester is beginning and all the squirrels are welcoming you to campus, I am sure that the questions at the front of your mind are “How is Ashli starting off her sophomore year?” and “What is she up to this semester?” Well, to ease your obvious anxiety, here is an update on me!...

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Avoiding the “Sophomore Slump”

Jul. 14, 2017—Happy summer readers! With the month of July already in full swing, something has dawned on me: I will be back to Vanderbilt in just under a month. If you feel like summer is short as a high schooler, just wait until you’re in college- it flies by. Between a job at a biology laboratory,...

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On Unchecked Boxes and Sophomore Year

Oct. 7, 2015—Hi. My name is Lee, and I’m a compulsive to-do list maker with a schedule that barely gives me time to eat sitting down. (Cue soft chorus of “hi, Lee”s from the assembled crowd, Styrofoam cups of instant coffee with non-dairy creamer teetering on their knees.)

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