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Why Vanderbilt: Transfer Students (Part I)

Jan. 21, 2020—As promised in Fall 2019, I am writing this blog to present transfer students’ answers to the crucial question “Why Vanderbilt.” My “Why Vanderbilt” series will feature more transfers’ responses around February. I. A Junior’s Answer Year: Junior Majors: American Studies and Public Policy Studies Minor: Sociology Hometown: Provo, Utah Intended Career: Advocacy and NGO...

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Building Skills Outside Your Academic Comfort Zone

Jul. 17, 2017—Have you ever wondered how English majors are such great writers, how Chemistry majors understand all those reactions, or how Human & Organizational Development majors all seem to be able to ace any presentation? As a neuroscience major, I have always been insanely impressed by my friends who are majoring in the humanities. My best...

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We’ll Call This Part Two

Jan. 24, 2016—Two weeks in, and I've gathered that Vanderbilt is just as amazing as I had left it. It's cold outside now, so gather around for a cozy story of why Vanderbilt has my love!

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