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‘Research opportunities’

Why Vanderbilt?

Apr. 6, 2018—I’m going to be honest with you guys, I don’t know why I applied to Vanderbilt. It was simply a gut feeling. A good number of people from my high school had gone there, and it was a school of the caliber I was looking for. It was also not too far from home, and...

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Quickie February Post: Apps, Apps everywhere

Feb. 15, 2015—Expecting chocolates and roses this month? Think again, college students!

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Vandy Summers

May. 28, 2012—I shared what I’m up to this summer in my last post so I thought I’d also mention what my Vandy friends are doing!

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Research Opportunities

Dec. 15, 2011—I am currently finishing up my final report on the independent research project I worked on this semester. Vanderbilt provides students lots of opportunities to work directly with faculty on a research project.

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