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Vandy Summers

Posted by on Monday, May 28, 2012 in Academics, Study Abroad, Summer.

I shared what I’m up to this summer in my last post so I thought I’d also mention what my Vandy friends are doing!

  • Vanderbilt Summer Academy– Vandy offers fun (and challenging) classes to rising 8th-12th graders during different sessions throughout summer, and many of my friends are residential proctors! They basically act as RAs and get to live in Hank for the summer! You should check out my hilarious friends Aly, Kaila, and Zach (and my favorite Orgo professor, Dr. Sulikowsk)…
  • Traveling- This past weekend, two of my best friends both left the country for at least a month. Nikki (who taught me everything I know about cooking) is going to Ghana to work in a medical clinic, while Deanna is going to Peru to teach English as a second language. I know my Blair friend Roo is in Berlin right now for a vocal program, while tons of sorority sisters are participating in Vanderbilt-in-Spain or Vanderbilt-in-France. Summer can be perfect for studying or volunteering abroad since it’s a good length of time and you usually don’t have too many other responsibilities to worry about.
  • Classes- Many of my friends are also taking classes, whether at Vandy or back home, to get ahead on their coursework.
  • Research- Grace is working in a biology lab back home while another friend is researching VUT productions of Shakespeare in the ‘50s on campus this summer.

As you can probably tell, there are tons of ways for Vandy students to spend their summers, each fitting different agendas.

Some of my besties Deanna, Kaila, and Grace video chatting last week (I joined right after the pic was taken)

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