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Quickie February Post: Apps, Apps everywhere

Posted by on Sunday, February 15, 2015 in Academics, College Life, Extracurriculars, Internship, Jobs, Student Life, Studying, Summer, Undergraduate Research.

Here’s a tip about February’s trademark occasion, Valentine’s Day: don’t waste your time. Not just in a romantic sense, but also in an academic sense.

People often think of February as either the month of romance or the month with only 28/29 days. It’s usually a month that you barely think about unless it contains your birthday. What people don’t tell you about February, however, is that this month is pretty darn important for college students.

February should have a third epithet: the month of research, internship, and job apps. That’s right, the world of academia and post-secondary education thought it was a brilliant idea to cram all their undergraduate research deadlines into the shortest month of the year, and a brilliant idea it was!! (/sarcasm)

So forget all hopes about spending that Saturday evening with your lovely significant other. The only thing you’ll be wining and dining should be your laptop as you rush to fill these apps so you could snag that all-important research position for medical school or graduate school.

Go ahead, enjoy your freshman Valentine’s escapades, sipping hot chocolate together and ice-skating in the park. Come sophomore year, the only romantic thing you might do during Valentine’s day is passing out on your bed, cuddling not your S.O. but your beloved yet fiendish and laptop, burning hot by the time you fall asleep.

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