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10 Things I Learned Freshman Year

Posted by on Friday, May 31, 2019 in Academics, Admissions, College Life, Commons, Freshman Life, Year in Review.

Now that I’m home and all my belongings have been unpacked (I know, you’re probably thinking ‘what took you so long to unpack?’ – let me tell you, unpacking is my biggest enemy), I can officially say that my first year of college is complete. Done. Finished. OVER.


That’s quite a scary thought to be honest. This year was one of the best years of my life, and it felt like time flew by. I moved to a new state, made new friends, and started a new chapter of my life. I’ve learned a lot about myself and life in general this year. Now, I’m imparting this wisdom to you. Here are the ten most important lessons I learned this year:


  1. Friends aren’t just friends in college. They’re also siblings, parents, study buddies, teachers, mentors, shoulders to cry on, and anything else you need them to be.
  2. Those people on social media who look like they’re coasting through college with no difficulties? I can promise you that they’re struggling too. Everyone faces their own challenges. The important part is how you work to overcome them.
  3. At some point, you will feel totally lost. And that’s okay! Everyone feels overwhelmed and confused sometimes, but it’s only temporary. Channel your inner Dory and “just keep swimming.”
  4. Some of the best memories are created when you least expect it.
  5. Rand cookies make even the worst day a little better.
  6. Studying ahead of time is essential. Some people may have been able to do well in high school without putting in a lot of work, but college is a whole different ball game. Start studying a few days in advance to avoid unnecessary all-nighters.
  7. It’s okay to take a mental health day. Sometimes you just need a day where you do absolutely no school work to avoid feeling burned out in the middle of the semester.
  8. NEVER do homework while you’re in bed. I promise, it will be neither productive or successful.
  9. The gym is your friend. Even when you think you’re too busy, or it’s cold and you don’t want to walk outside, or you’re just too comfy in your bed, going to the gym, or just getting outside and exercising, is beneficial for both your body and your mind.
  10. Talk to strangers. At the beginning of the school year I was so eager to make friends that I didn’t sit by myself for a meal for the whole first month of school. If I was alone, I would often sit across from or next to someone else who was alone and try to start a conversation. I don’t still talk to most of the people I met, but it was worth it to make a few friends and put myself out there.


Knowing that I’ve learned all of this in just my first year of college, I can’t wait for what the rest of my college experience will bring. On to new adventures!

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