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Fall Break Adventures!

Oct. 17, 2015—Fall Break at Vandy, including waterfalls and vineyards. Going away for a break can be exciting, but so can staying in Nashville!

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The Bestest SeniorFest

Sep. 18, 2014—So many fun things happen on Alumni Lawn. From free Bradley's Curbside Creamery ice cream on Wednesday to the exciting opening Founder's Walk, Alumni Lawn is the place to be. Plus, they have perfect grass, so it's great for picnicking and corn-hole and all those nice things. Oh wait, we just did that at the Seniorfest!

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Destination: Dallas!

May. 16, 2013—What is Dallas? It is the home to two of my favorite Vandy friends, Sam and Trevor, who made it their mission to uphold their Texas pride and show me their city's best. Well, they just about blew me away!

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