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‘Peabody College’

Why Peabody?

Mar. 24, 2019—“What’s the deal with Peabody?” “How manageable is your course load?” “Are all Peabody students future teachers?” Being a ‘Dore for a Day host and a writer for this blog, I get asked these sorts of questions a lot. So I’m here to answer some of them for you guys! Peabody is one of my...

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The Obligatory Philosophical Post

Sep. 17, 2016—Where do I even begin? I could ramble on about how nice it is to return to campus (though I’ve been back for nearly a month at this point), how despite the humidity and the heat, which now fade quite pleasantly into early autumn, I find no fault in this place, and how my classes...

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Moving on from The Commons

Sep. 29, 2015—But really, do I have to leave Commons? Can't I just stay a freshman forever, please?

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First. Post. EVER!

Sep. 21, 2014—A little more on what I do around campus and how I came to be an Inside 'Dores blogger. I hope you enjoy my first blog post!

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