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What to do when the Homesickness Hits

Oct. 30, 2019—Is it just me, or has this semester been simultaneously flying by and crawling at the same time? It’s crazy to think that we are already at week 11. More than two thirds of the way done with first semester. I’m not usually too homesick, but around this time of the semester I always get...

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7 Questions to Stop Asking Your College Student

Nov. 27, 2014—Upon being home for several days, it has dawned on me that not every conversation back home is created equal. The reality of being home for college students is that there are many acquaintances and high school friends' moms' cousins' aunts to answer to when the barrage of career and education-related questions are inevitably hurled our way. It's good to ask university-folk about what they've been up to, but here are a few things to consider not asking around the dinner table this holiday. Your sleep-deprived college student will thank you.

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Oct. 9, 2013—This is slightly delayed, but two Fridays ago, I got the biggest surprise of my life: my parents came to visit! Now, for many Vanderbilt students, your parents coming to visit on Family Weekend isn’t really a surprise.  But being from California, my parents have never been able to come before.  When I found out...

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Move In- from the Parents’ Perspective

Aug. 19, 2013—This post was actually co-authored by my parents (Jeff and Leslie) who moved in TWO children to Vanderbilt this weekend. They are now empty nesters. Here is their story: Four years ago, when our eldest daughter, Erica, chose Vanderbilt, we knew almost nothing about the school or the city. The entire family was in for...

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If Only I Were Rick Steves

Mar. 22, 2012—I heard Rick Steves, the famous travel guide author, speak at the Student Life Center on Monday. I am beyond jealous of his life.

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